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Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList

What is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList

First of all lets see what Interfaces they implement.
ArrayList (See on Oracle/sun site)SerializableCloneableIterable<E>Collection<E>List<E>RandomAccessLinkedList(See on Oracle/Sun site)SerializableCloneableIterable<E>Collection<E>Deque<E>List<E>Queue<E>By looking at interface being implemented by these two collection, we could see RandomAccess is implemented by ArrayList and Queue<E>,Deque<E> implemented by LinkedList only. So all the differences between these two collections are because of these three Interfaces and their implementation.

RandomAccess : ArrayList can be accessed randomly, means we could access nth element of an ArrayList directly without affecting search/seek performance. e.g. list.get(n). Means get performance of nth element will never depend on how large is the ArrayList.It will remain constant.
While LinkedList cant be accessed randomly(though it does …